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Tolerance and Inclusiveness in Our Freethinkers Living Sober Group

My home group means a lot to me.  It is where my social life occurs and where I work to make myself a better person.   It is filled with caring and humble people.  The meetings I attend three times a week are almost always rich with nuggets of understanding that I learn from.  In that way our meetings are like all other AA meetings, where people learn to stay sober and live more honestly and more happily.  What sets our group apart is our strong intention to tolerate diverse opinions and include rather than exclude.
Our members don’t agree on many things, important things.  However, we don’t focus on our disagreements, we focus on staying sober and living better lives.  We have members who declare themselves as firmly believing Christians.  They are accepted among us.  We have members who are declared atheists of the Richard Dawkins or Bertrand Russell type. They are accepted among us.  We don’t quarrel about these differences.  We don’t exclude, we include.  We tolerate one another, although tolerate is perhaps not strong enough: we accept one another.  We are committed to the continuing sobriety and the improving happiness of all our members.

Could this be for you?  You will be welcome in our meeting.